Ring for the King. For full text, please see article in Publications

For centuries church bells have sounded, calling people to worship, in celebration of special occasions, in remembrance and to mark special events.

The British Monarch is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England.  Since the Anglican Church of Australia is in communion with the Church of England, Australia’s Anglican Cathedrals tolled their bells last month to mark the death of HM The Queen.  In the same way, bellringers across the country are making plans to “Ring for the King” at the coronation of King Charles III.

Here in Goulburn, St Saviour’s Cathedral is appealing for volunteers to get involved in the preparations, and take hold of a bellrope ready for the big event.

Dr Christopher O’Mahony is the Ringing Master of the St Saviour’s team of bellringers, a role that has a focus on training and development.  He explains “We don’t have quite enough bellringers to field a full team of 12, so would love to encourage people to have a go.  Like learning any musical instrument, initial competence doesn’t happen overnight.  The basic skills of bellringing take around 10 hours of training, usually spread over a couple of months.”

“Our hope is that, if volunteers step forward now, they will be well and truly ready to ring for the King’s coronation, which takes place in six months’ time.”

“Bellringing is a marvellous way to find new friends, a new hobby, take gentle physical and mental exercise and a great way to connect with our local community.”

To find out more, please get in touch via the Cathedral Office:

Ph: +61 2 4821 2206                                    Email:   office@goulburncathedral.org.au