Are you looking for professional office space?

Cathedral Office building located off Church Street, Goulburn offers two separate offices for rent in our beautiful historic building.

Both rooms are carpeted with lovely windows providing lots of light. Shelving is built-in and both are very spacious.

The rooms provide security with off-site monitoring security system.

Located on the Cathedral precinct with parking space provided.

Great News for our Heritage Program

Our local member, Pru Goward announced the Cathedral has been awarded a grant of $150,000 NSW Heritage Grants Program.

The funds will be used towards the future proofing of the Cathedral for another 100 years.

A team lead by our Heritage Architect, Michael Fox carried out exploratory hydrology works and laser point cloud mapping to define internal and external modelling of the Cathedral. 

This work was funded by moneys already raised.

The works needed to remediate the water issues will cost at least $1.5m.